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We confidently empower the capabilities of the automotive business by delivering excellent solutions with high qualified-competency, backed by proficient engineers prepped for scalable autonomous mobility

Our Cutting-edge Technology

We provide innovative and cost-effective services with a diligent team, bringing the power of computer vision and artificial intelligence to businesses through software solutions.

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Radar Engineering Tools

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Driver Status Warning

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Software Static Testing

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AI Preprocessor
for Various Sensors
(Camera & Radar) System

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2D Ground Truth Tools

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Scenario Ground Truth Tools


Our Vision

To be the leading Software Engineering Corporate that consistently achieves a professional performance with a client-centric focus.
To contribute to the development of autonomous vehicles with vibrant and innovation-driven strategies in technical competency as well as empower the Automotive AI industry.

Our Mission

To continuously develop corporate expertise and sharpen our concrete position within IT industry .
To bring cutting-edge technology development to make automobiles safer, more accessible, and convenient.
To become a trusted partner for highly stringent and long-term engagement.

Our Services

“Our customers are not our competitors. We compete for them, not with them.” ― T Jay Taylor

Radar Engineering Tool

Engineering Tool Development for Automotive Radar Fusion.

Enterprise-Ready Radar Engineering Tool with Data Lake Integration.

Static Analysis Service

Identify potential software quality issues during development phase.

Improves communication in the development team and helps training developers to produce high-quality code.

Quality Control Service

Outsourcing software quality control to expert engineers and testers guarantees your software is up-to-date with the latest technologies.

Architecture Design

To build flexible software that scales for various system.

To mitigate the identified risks through the SDLC given the comprehensive project plan.

AI with Sensors

AI Research and Analysis Execution with Incremental Approach.

AI Application to Camera and Radar Systems.


We support services, deployment, consulting, and plug-in development to successfully deploy Atlassian products.

Our Achievements

Radar Engineering Tool

A set of utilities which acquire and process data from the radar, camera and CAN

Collected raw data will be transformed and rendered in corresponding players in term of videos, graphs and properties accordingly

Radar signals are captured and displayed in a bird-view graph.

Camera signals are played as a playback

Properties are listed accordingly

On the other hand, these raw data are also processed and persisted simultaneously in data repository for later use. Once there’s ad-hoc request, the appropriate data portion will be extracted and loaded into renderer for display and then capture the modification from the user.

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Our Achievements

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Driver Status Warning

A system based on a camera to monitor driver alertness, that not only recognizes the driver, but checks his or her level of vigilance as well e.g. drowsiness, distraction, etc.

The vehicle is equipped with a camera built into the dashboard and aim at the driver’s face.

PC based tools including image viewer, videos player are available for the data verification.

A set of Ground Truth tools along with according taxonomy of objects and properties are available for data annotation.

Our Achievements

2D Ground Truth Tool

Although many camera developers are creating methods for mass data analysis and automated code can be used to process large amount of data, there’re still obvious limitations which require manual verification.

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Our Achievements

Scenarios Ground Truth Tool

The timely evolution of appropriate IT systems is vital to the well-being, efficiency and profitability of modern organizations. Upon careful consideration, it is necessary to adopt a better, cutting-edge Driver Assistance System (DAS) - Driver Status Warning (DSW) in order to enhance the productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.

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Engaging with powerful, proven and progressive technologies for automotive AI software and services
In-depth experiences in R&D to be aligned with the leading edge of technology

Facing Al challenges in complex sensor fusion development systems.

Passionate and success-focused team integrates fully with autonomous technology and related industries.


Highly scalable resources

With exceptionally seasoned engineering personnel and aggressively committed result orientation

A lean and innovative company culture

Strong Focus on Autonomous Vehicles

With state-of-the-art technology manipulation and business-driven approach

Having deep experience in every major subsystem relevant to self-driving solutions

Innovation Strategy to Stay Ahead

Clear roadmap and contingency for robust development

Operating transparently and long-term engagements with mature project management and assured quality

Our Team

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My passion for cutting-edge technology, especially in the software development of autonomous driving vehicles and of applying my own technical experience, always compels and empowers me to say "YES" to all challenges.

Ryan, KIM
Chief Executive Officer

Someday, everything will make perfect sense. So for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears, and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason.

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Technical Manager

Combine thesis and or antithesis with those willing to render synthesis. Engage in idea midwifery.

Chief Software Engineer

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As Albert said, learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.

Software Engineer

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